The Witcher 4 Wishlist: What we Did Like to see

The Witcher 4 All New Playable Characters

The only thing, we don’t want to see in The Witcher 4 is to customize your own character. The entire franchise has hinged on Geralt’s personality as a narrative crutch, cradling our investment as he journeys across foreign lands. His blunt delivery, stoic observations were pitch-perfect, only showing emotion when the situation needs it.

The Witcher 4

 Improved Controls and Handling

It doesn’t matter how good the Witcher 4 features are if the game controls are frail. CD Projekt RED needs to improve the controls and handling of the characters of The Witcher 4 smooth. The previous sequels were also not that good when it comes to controls and Handling of movements. Fans wish to rectify this problem in the forthcoming game as this is obligatory and if possible, introduce the small features like a sharp kick to enemies who by chance comes in the close contact of the protagonist so as to avoid damages or add some more additional abilities in the main character that will make the game more electrifying and Interested.

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Dynamic User-Interface

All the previous releases of The Witcher have given a great impression of the vast surrounding. The Gamer’s gets a chance to explore many areas of Pontar Valley and beyond. The Beauty of the game captures the interest in a way that we don’t want to end it up the quest so quickly. The Witcher 4 needs to extend this beauty, they should bring more locales, larger and expansive areas, and without a doubt use the enormous geographical universe available in the Witcher pallet.


Navigating your inventory in Wild Hunt, especially on consoles, felt like a laborious chore as you amassed countless items and trinkets. Searching through endless windows of grid-based item boxes as you struggled to comprehend a mountain of text simply wasn’t enjoyable but having to dig through your inventory in search of a specific quest item was a nightmare until CD Projekt Red patched in a quick-access option, making our lives far, far easier. The Witcher 4 should launch with a vastly-improved user-interface, making equipment management and character upgrades far easier for newcomers to wrap their heads around. The franchise has never compromised on difficulty, but that’s no excuse for obtuse design decisions.

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